Casino Link Building in 2024: Building Links for Gambling Websites

Casino Link Building in 2024: Building Links for Gambling Websites

Link building is essential to online gambling digital marketing. It’s important to keep up with effective link building strategies as search engine algorithms change.

We’ll discuss 2024’s finest casino link building strategies to boost gambling websites’ search engine ranks and traffic.

Online casino gambling is a fast-growing segment, as more people grow accustomed to gambling online. For instance, 58% of American gamblers who have previously interacted with online gambling say that they prefer it more. Global preference is much higher at 63%.

Many sites are now focusing on organic traffic and affiliate programs as means of driving traffic to their website due to the limited opportunities for paid advertising and higher costs.

As link building is integral for SEO, there is a lot of competition in the online gambling industry for premium links, with many gambling and casino companies willing to set aside sizable budgets.

Casino backlinks are in high demand because they indicate to a search engine that a particular website is a trusted source of information. The more quality backlinks a website accumulates, the better chance that it will edge out competitors in search results, improving visibility and driving more people to the website.

Gaining a good number of referring domains can be an indication of legitimacy in an industry that is unfortunately associated with spammy practices and draws a lot of mistrust.

Now, it’s not all about acquiring backlinks through any means. You should constantly think about how you can improve the user experience and contribute positively to the general discussion as you build your links.

Not all backlinks are equal. The first quality of a good link is one that appears as natural as possible. The intent should clearly be to provide a useful reference to readers. A good link is one that passes the most value and as such must come from a quality website. How can you tell that a website is a quality source?

  • Domain Rating: Ideally, the website should have a domain authority (DA) or domain rating (DR) score of 30+.
  • Referring domains vs linked domains: The website should not appear as solely existing for the purposes of providing links. As such, the ratio of linked domains (outbound) to referring domains (inbound) should not exceed 2 times.
  • Traffic & movements: The donor site should have at least 1000 visitors per month, and with no major recent traffic drops;
  • Website’s trust and credibility: The site should have a good reputation, and not be associated with scams. It should have spam filters in place to control spamming through user comments.
  • Traffic source: Your donor site should receive a good percentage of organic traffic from your target regions and audience base.

The activity known as “outreach” refers to the practice of searching for possible link placement possibilities on the websites and blogs of other organizations.

In order to locate suitable places for different links, you may take into consideration the following guidelines.:

  • Focus on websites in related niches that naturally link back to casino niche sites;
  • Use reliable SEO tools to perform website analysis;
  • Find the contact information of the site’s administrators and prepare a good pitch;
  • In the pitch, offer something of value, like an article they can publish on their blog to educate their readers on a certain topic.

Links for casino sites fall into different types based on their source and method of placement:

  • Private Blog Networks (PBNs) links: They are placed on sites built on top of expired domains for the purpose of providing links to other websites. Be careful about PBNs as they are highly risky if they are not built right away, for instance, with low-quality spun content.
  • Blogger outreach linksThey are outreach links contained in outreach blog posts.
  • Niche edit links: Links are added to existing articles rather than new content.
  • News/PR Links: They are included in news articles or press releases syndicated by online media outlets. 
  • Exchange links: It’s where two or more parties agree to link to each other and exchange links.
    So, there are various types of links that gambling websites can use to optimize their SEO strategy. By focusing on quality over quantity, gambling websites can improve their search engine rankings and attract more traffic to their site.

Your casino link-building strategy is a plan of action that proposes things that you will do to achieve your end goal. So the first thing that it should contain is the objective, which is to improve your rankings by increasing the number of referring domains and backlinks.

Also, don’t merely say that you want more quality backlinks. Be specific by stating you want to gain 30 new referring domains.

The strategy will identify link-building techniques that you will use. For instance, if you identify outreach blogging as one of the techniques, state the actions you’ll take, potential sources, and how you’ll perform monitoring.

So, what is the right way to build the strategy?

Do Competitor Research

The casino website will need to outrank its closest competitors in search results by having better metrics. Performing research tells you where you need to be and how to get there. For instance, if the top five competitors all have a domain rating of 45 + and at least 50 top-quality referring domains, ideally this is what it will take to outrank them.

Analyzing the backlink profile of competing websites can reveal techniques that are working for them. There may be opportunities that you can exploit, for instance, trying to gain links at some of their referring domains.

Choose Suitable Anchor Text Distribution

Choosing a suitable anchor text distribution is crucial to avoid over-optimization or spamming, which can result in penalties or even a ban from search engines. It is recommended to use a variety of anchor texts, including branded, generic, and long-tail phrases, and to avoid using exact match anchor texts excessively.

The key is to create a natural and diverse link profile that reflects the organic and varied ways that people would naturally link to a website. By doing so, you can improve your website’s visibility and rankings in search engine results in pages.

Plan Your Budget

The budget determines how many links you can amass and their quality. You require a sufficient budget starting from $3,000 every month to have your foot in the door.

The budget may need to increase with time to keep up with your link-building velocity. Initially, you want to start gaining links at lower velocity and speeding up your efforts with time as this tends to be more natural.

Set up the Team

If you choose to perform link building in-house, you’ll need to build adequate capacity. A good team has specialists in diverse fields. You may require outreach professionals, blog writers, editors, technical SEO gurus, and programmers. You must establish and manage the team.

In such cases, hiring a professional link-building company may be an excellent option. Such contractors may establish an effective link-building plan for a corporation. They may operate individually or alongside the business’s staff to accomplish goals. Casino link-building requires a team, but if you need a rapid and efficient solution, a reputable contractor may be a fantastic alternative.

Choose a Reliable Contractor

How do you choose a reliable contractor for your backlinking? Here are a few pointers to help:

  • Work with an agency with a lot of experience, and this is a must in the casino niche.
  • Check for agencies that use a combination of different methods to build links, from outreach blog posts to link insertions.
  • Don’t work with an agency out to save money or compete on prices, as it means that they will use low-quality sources.
  • The agency should have a team of experts, not lone wolves scouting for links on their own with little oversight.
  • The agency should produce clear metrics for each link-building opportunity and perform link monitoring.

Looking for an agency to trust? A good choice is Backlinkers Agency, which provides backlinking services to million-dollar businesses in high-stakes niches such as online gambling and online trading.

What Should be Avoided?

Making mistakes while building links for a gambling site can cause Google to penalize your site, impacting your site’s traffic. So, which mistakes should you avoid?

Over-optimizing the Anchor Text

The mistake comes about by having a disproportionate amount of exact match anchor text. This is where the anchor text has the same keywords the target page is trying to rank for. Keep your anchor text distribution varied.

Focusing on Link Quantity over Quality

It can be tempting to accumulate as many links as you can.  But what matters is the quality. For instance, Google may be inclined to trust a page with three 50+ DR referring domains than a page with 10 backlinks from websites with a DR of below 20.

Getting Links from Link Farms and Low-Quality PBNs

Link builders can also choose low-quality link farms and PBNs accidentally. They don’t take enough time to determine whether the website is in a related niche, has similar traffic, or has unique, spam-free content.

Leaving Footprints

Inexperienced and unprofessional casino link-building services may leave a lot of footprints as they undertake backlink building. For instance, a rookie mistake may entail using the site’s corporate email to reach out to bloggers.

Monitoring your casino links is crucial to ensure their longevity and success in driving traffic to your online casino. Due to the competitive nature of the online gambling industry, casino links are often targeted for deletion by competitors or flagged by search engines. To monitor your links effectively, you should regularly check their status, analyze their performance, and take action to ensure they remain live.

One effective way to monitor your casino links is by using link monitoring tools, which can track the status of your links and notify you of any changes. By implementing a comprehensive link monitoring strategy, you can keep your casino links alive and drive traffic to your online casino.

How Can Backlinkers Agency Help You?

By working with Backlinkers, you’ll be partnering with a highly experienced agency with a dedicated team of experts who have a lot of niche experience in the casino industry.

You will get help creating a custom strategy designed to promote and take you to the top of search engine results. It will be thoroughly informed by competitor research to determine what it takes to get there.

Our agency will employ a combination of techniques, and will mostly promote your website by publishing quality outreach blogs on niche-related and relevant sites.

We’ll not only build the most natural links for you, but we continuously monitor the backlinks and do our best to keep them alive.


Do White Hat Links Work for Gambling Websites?

White hat links can work for gambling websites, but they need to be obtained through legitimate and ethical means. High-quality and relevant backlinks from authoritative sources can help improve a gambling website’s search engine rankings and drive more traffic to the site.

However, it’s important to avoid any black hat tactics such as buying links or participating in link schemes, as these can result in penalties from search engines and harm the website’s reputation.

What Attributes Should not Be Next to Your Link?

‘Nofollow,’ as it signals to the search engine to ignore the link and not to pass link juice.

‘UGC,’ as it denotes that the links are part of user-generated content such as comments and that the site doesn’t necessarily endorse them.

‘Sponsored.’ as it signals to the search engine that the content has been paid for.

How to Identify a Spam Link?

You can tell if a link is spammy by looking up the referring page and checking for the quality of the content and if the link was placed contextually, not in sidebars. Spammy links may originate from blog comments, forums, or link directories.

Should All Links Be Dofollow?

Not necessarily, but they must be the majority, at least 70% +. In short, while dofollow links are valuable for passing link equity, nofollow links are also important to use in certain situations to protect your website’s reputation and avoid violating search engine guidelines.

How Do Black Methods of Link Promotion Affect a Long-Term Strategy?

They don’t necessarily affect a long-term strategy if they are implemented as naturally as possible and without leaving footprints. But being careless and generating links from low-quality sources such as badly configured PBNs can spell trouble.

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