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Get links from well-established websites in your industry. We handle the whole process, including contacting website owners, negotiating link placements, and monitoring results.

Link insertions have demonstrated the incredible benefits they can provide for any site, new or old.

Search engines give greater precedence to websites that have built up some traction, making it harder to start out with a new website. But with link insertion, you get valuable links from high-quality sites, which quickly boosts your authority and gives you the following benefits:

Get referral traffic from high-ranking articles

Your link appears on sites with consistent monthly traffic where readers can readily click on it and visit your site.

Increase search rankings

Search engines will be more likely to put your content on the first page if your website has a good reputation. Link insertions help you build a strong link profile.

Grow your audience

Your website can gain more referral traffic through link insertions, which means more chances to get prospects and win them over as your loyal customers.

Increase brand recognition

You benefit from the credibility and popularity of high-authority blogs, which makes it easier for clients and other industry players to recognize your brand.

Build links faster

Link insertions speed up the process of getting found online, unlike popular ways to get links like content marketing and guest posts, which usually take time.

Save the budget

Link insertion is a more practical and reliable way to build a website’s relevant link profile in the least amount of time and for the best price.


Finding relevant articles

Based on your goals and other criteria, we start searching for relevant sites for the most natural link insertions. We look for blogs that receive a good amount of traffic and have a good overall SEO score to make sure you receive a high-quality backlink. This is done by establishing the site’s history and domain authority score.


Pitching and negotiations

Our link-building experts craft a compelling pitch that clearly states what we’re after and how we intend to add value to their page. The prospect may respond with a request, and we may have to negotiate to come to an agreement. We always aim for the most valuable insertions, even if it demands some negotiating.


Placement and quality control

Once the link insert takes place, we carefully check if all conditions of the agreement are met. In particular, we check if the anchor text is correct. We also make sure that the link is placed in the right spot and is do-follow.


Link monitoring

Links can sometimes be removed on purpose or by mistake. It can be difficult to spot the removal if it has been months since the link insertion. Our backlink monitoring system proactively monitors all your placements and sends out alerts in case of any changes. It mitigates accidental removals and deletions that contravene the initial agreement.

Fast and furious link building

Save time writing content: place your links in relevant articles with traffic!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a service that helps secure relevant links in existing content. This entails reaching out to the target website and requesting that they place a link to your site in one of their live blog posts. Link insertion differs from distributing guest posts in that there is no need to create a unique guest post just to get a placement.

When other bloggers or site owners link back to a webpage on their own, this is called a “natural link.” For instance, someone writing a blog post about the top 10 credit cards might naturally link to MasterCard, American Express, or Visa.

Link insertions, on the other hand, don’t happen spontaneously; they are done on purpose, and you have to reach out to the website owner. If everything is done correctly, the search engine will regard the inserted links as natural.

Link insertion is the process of seeking placement opportunities on relevant websites. These links are negotiated, traded, or paid for. Editorial links, a.k.a. “earned links,” happen naturally when online users refer to useful content or tools.

Yes, you can get involved in the review and selection of the domain rating or domain authority as well as the websites and blog posts that will be placed.

Topical relevance is key to link insertion services. This means that placement opportunities are picked carefully to make sure that the links add value, look natural, and can generate referral traffic.

Yes, this is exactly what the link insertion service is for. We negotiate the link and anchor text that are going to be placed in the existing post.

If there is a need to write a few sentences or a paragraph in order to give the anchor text proper context, you can provide the necessary content or have our writers do it for you for an additional fee.

Inserted backlinks are indistinguishable from other links in the article. As long as the link points to a valuable resource, readers will click on it to learn more. This generates referral traffic for your website.

The approximate turnaround time for link insertion is two weeks. This includes finding relevant blog posts, reaching out to website owners, sending follow-ups, etc. Depending on the requirements, industry, geo, and other factors, it might take longer to get a placement.

We utilize link monitoring software that keeps track of the status of the inserted links. It adds a layer of security, as we can ensure that the site owner has lived up to their promise and that you’re receiving the full benefits.

The periods may differ depending on the arrangements made with the website administrator. But most link insertions are permanent.

We have hands-on experience working with multiple countries and languages, some of which are  Spanish, Indonesian, and French. For best results, aside from the geo, we also tailor the link building strategy based on the industry and your needs.

We keep an eye on the links and do all we can to make sure the agreements are kept. Our team is well trained and has all the tools they need to monitor links. We also bank on relationships we have built over the years.

Yes, we have the capacity to take on multiple orders for different projects that you may have. Our link-building agency has one of the largest teams of professionals, and we can offer some additional services.

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