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Link Audit Services

Toxic links pointing to your website can ruin your SEO efforts, so it’s crucial to detect and eliminate their influence. Our link audit services can help you identify and remove harmful links dragging down your rankings. We have the expertise and the tools to spot bad links that may not be obvious at first glance, and we know how to disavow them safely and effectively.

Increased domain authority

We can analyze your niche and competitors and recommend strategies to get more links from authoritative sites that you might be missing out on.

Enhanced brand reputation

Fraudulent websites may be referencing your website as part of elaborate scams or saying untrue things about you. Get informed about such links and counter them to improve your brand reputation.

Improved link strategy

A quality audit can reveal if your backlink profile is healthy, allowing you to adjust your linking strategy to go after better linking opportunities.

Improved website security

Our link audit service can warn you about a set of low-quality links that may attract manual action and penalization from Google. Acting swiftly will protect your website’s rankings.

Increased website traffic

Audits can help fix and optimize your website’s backlink profile allowing your website to earn more organic traffic and better rankings on search engines.

Improved search engines rankings

You can identify and remove low-quality or spammy links that may be harming your website’s search engine rankings or resulting in manual penalties.

How It Works


Identifying main competitors

We start by analyzing the link profiles of your main competitors. This helps us understand their linking strategies and assess the average performance metrics in your industry. These metrics include site authority, ranking pages, number of referring domains, and organic traffic.

Your site’s link profile and how you stack up against competitors are taken into account, too. We identify the areas for improvement and give you actionable recommendations on how to do that.


Analysis of inbound links

We catalog all external links using our tools and Google’s data. We sort the links by their domain quality and types (redirects, manual, etc.), so you can see which ones are good for your search engine optimization and which ones are not. Likewise, we check the ratio of dofollow vs nofollow, indexed vs not indexed, and working vs broken links. This way, we can have a clear picture of your backlink profile and how to improve it if needed.


Analysis of link growth dynamics

We pay attention to the dynamics of link growth: how many backlinks and referring domains your website receives over time. As link growth is not a static or linear process, we check link velocity (the rate of acquiring new links) and link diversity (the variety of linking websites).

We also analyze link freshness (the recency of new links) and link decay (the loss or removal of old links). By comparing these indicators with periods of growth, updates, and other data, we gauge how the website performed in terms of SEO or if a combination of factors attracted any Google penalties.


Anchor analysis

Spammy or irrelevant anchors can hurt your site’s reputation and ranking. As part of our link profile audit service, we perform an anchor text analysis as a means of checking the quality, variety, and types of anchor texts that link to your site.

The process also involves looking at the natural links that other sites give you without asking. By doing an anchor analysis, we can find out what kind of anchors work best for your site and how to improve them in the future.


Geography and domain zones analysis

Our geography and domain zones analysis allows us to find out where all the links are coming from. This involves checking for the distribution of the domain zones (such as .com, .org, .uk, etc.), and which zones contribute the most value to your link mass. This way, you can evaluate how effective your link-building strategy is in attracting visitors from different locations and sources.


Link severity rating

We don’t just take an overview of shady links. We dig deeper and see what kind of signals they give off. Are they spammy? Are they helpful? Are they from relevant websites? We weigh the pros and cons of each link and give it a score, then we decide if we want to keep or disavow it.


Formation of a disavow file

We form a disavow file and give recommendations on how and when to disavow certain links. Disavowing many links at once can lead to the rapid lowering of rankings of some pages, but with us, the process is safe.


Providing conclusions and recommendations

As we sum up the link audit, we make recommendations on the best way to improve your backlink profile by factoring in things to avoid, niches to target, and opportunities to exploit.

Get an Advantage over Your Competitors

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Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the project deliverables, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that highlights the threats and errors in your backlink profile, including broken links, spammy links, and unnatural links. We offer insights on which threats to prioritize and resolve as soon as possible to mitigate potential Google penalties.

You also receive results of location analysis, ranking trends, algorithm impacts, and competitor insights. Lastly, the full audit provides actionable recommendations for improvement and potential linking opportunities.

It depends on your niche, Some niches are more prone to spam attacks and need daily monitoring. But for most sites, a monthly link audit is enough to keep your profile clean and healthy. And if you’re lucky and don’t get many bad links, you can even do it once every three months. Just remember: regular link audits are essential for your site’s success.

You might think that you can handle backlink analysis on your own with the Google Search Console account and the disavow tool. In fact, there is a high chance that you lose a potentially valuable link by mistaking it for a poor-quality link. Plus, if you’re overseeing other aspects of your business, you may lack the time or patience to sort through thousands of links.

Domain metrics from SEO tools reveal the half-truth. You may have to perform extra research by visiting websites linking to your pages and learning about them. So, it’s best to leave it to the professionals in our agency who have better tools and the know-how to clean up your backlink profile and make recommendations for improvement.

Not all links are created equal. You should aim to get links from websites that are relevant to your niche or industry, have a large and engaged audience that matches your target market, and have high authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines. Such websites will send you qualified traffic, increase your brand awareness, and improve your reputation and credibility online.

Google penalties occur due to spammy links (if someone is spamming the website intentionally or a webmaster messes up with anchors or links). When the links look unnatural, Google can sanction the URL and remove it from the index or sanction the whole domain.

With the disavow tool, you can tell Google that you don’t want spammy links to be counted in your site’s ranking evaluation. By removing or disavowing the bad backlinks, you can clean up your backlink profile and improve your chances of recovering from a Google penalty.

Our link audits typically take two to three weeks from receipt of payment. The duration of the audit depends on the size of your website, how many links there are, and how toxic your link profile is. The more links you have, the longer it will take to check them all.

Yes, you can enjoy ongoing link-building services after the audit is complete. We will identify and pursue new link opportunities like outreach blog posting, niche edits, and guest posting. Our link-building services guarantee natural-looking links from sources that pass our quality checks, including being relevant to your niche and meeting our minimum domain quality scores.

We use some criteria to evaluate the quality and relevance of the donor sites, such as their technical metrics like organic traffic, keywords, and so on. We also look at the anchors and the theme of the site. For instance, if our site is about a dental clinic, we don’t want links from casino sites because they are not related to our topic.

Don’t worry, we have a smart way of getting rid of those bad links without hurting your rankings. We don’t just delete them all at once, as there is no surety of how Google will assign weight and pass link juice to each suspicious link.

To stay safe, we place a certain number of links in each disavow file that we’ll upload every two to three weeks. This way, we can clean up your link profile safely and easily.

After completing our thorough analysis of your backlink profile and discovering links that are hurting your SEO, we’ll send you a detailed document with our findings and suggestions. You’ll get all the documents you need to request the removal of those bad links from Google. In addition, our SEO experts prepare tips with the best practices for building high-quality links.

Every case is unique and different, but most often we can see the result of link cancellation after two to four weeks. It’s roughly the time it takes for search engine crawlers to evaluate and adjust your rankings after changes to your link profile.

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