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It’s a link-building technique that involves reaching out and requesting another web admin to link back to your website from their own pages. By building links using this method, you can achieve the following:

Increase search engine rankings

Every external link is a “vote of confidence” to a page. This increases its authority and relevance, and improves search positions.

Get organic and referral traffic

You get referral traffic after people click on hyperlinks from linking pages, and organic traffic after your search positions improve with more backlinks.

Increase your sales

As more people visit your site, there are more opportunities for marketing, building relationships, establishing trust, and selling your products.

‌Increase brand awareness

More people will know about your brand after interacting with your content on third-party sites or clicking on your SERP results.

Grow your audience

Your brand becomes an authoritative source of information, earning you lifetime followers who grow to trust your advice and products.

Manage your search engine reputation

Being seen on relevant authoritative sites builds your reputation in the eyes of search engines, industry players, and customers.

How It Works


Research your niche

The first step in our systematic process of manual link building is research. We understand your website and what you do. Equipped with this knowledge, we research your niche looking for related websites where we can publish content. We incorporate different metrics to determine if the target site is suitable, including its domain authority score, its relevance to your niches, and its audience base.


Pitching and negotiations

Top websites receive hundreds of requests from agencies, independent contractors, and website owners, all looking for that precious chance for their content to be published or linked back to. We try to pitch the right ideas and negotiate for those limited spots. It’s challenging as it’s frustrating, but thanks to our long-term relationships with niche influencers and editors, we always find rare opportunities for our clients.


Content creation

Beyond reaching out to editors with interesting ideas for topics, we live up to our promise of delivering great content. Our editorial team produces helpful and original content. We handle the link placements, placing links naturally and logically. We take care not to over-optimize the anchor text. Each article goes through several rounds of edits to weed out spelling mistakes, factual errors, and inconsistencies. You give the final stamp of approval before the blog posts leave our publishing desk.



We may have done everything right; pitching the right topic, getting a response, creating high-quality content, and placing links naturally. But in our experience, it may take more nurturing and following up to have the content published. Prospects will suddenly get cold feet, change their policies about links, or go for long stretches without replying to emails. Our publishing team will be on hand to get you over the final hurdles and last-minute changes. Post-publishing, we check for correct linking and attribution.


Results and monitoring

Once the content is live, we monitor the link placement to ensure that the agreement with the site administrator is being honored. Using our in-house link checker tool, we monitor various parameters including the Link Status, Rel Attribute, Robots.txt file, Google Indexing status, and more. You receive detailed reports and a call to discuss the performance.

We outreach - you get backlinks

Our experienced team has many connections in different industries and is ready to build new ones for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a link that you generate through the process of outreach link-building, which is a permission link-building strategy as it entails getting the approval of a third party. For instance, you can reach out to a blog admin and ask them to publish an article that you wrote. If this article has a link to your service page or any other content published under your URL, the link will be regarded as an outreach link.

Note that even links generated through broken link building may be considered outreach links. There is an “Ask” as you have to go through the process of scanning a website for broken links and reaching out to their website admin recommending your link as a suitable replacement.

Outreach and guest posting are both strategies used in link-building campaigns. There is a cross-over as outreach link-building may entail publishing a guest post on third-party websites.

That said, there is still a difference because outreach entails proactively sending a message to someone in charge of a website requesting them to link back to your content. The goal is to obtain a link.

With guest posting, the intent is mostly to provide valuable content. There is often no need to reach out as many websites provide a “Submit an article” form. When submitting a guest post, the content may or may not include a link.

High-domain magazines may discourage backlinking attempts. Still, the content is identified as a guest submission. There will be an author’s bio section where you can write a short description. It may or may not have a URL to your website depending on the website’s policy.

An outreach link builder or outreach specialist is a person who is in charge of executing a link-building campaign, where the primary task is to reach out to authoritative websites and publications in order for them to link back. The duties also include identifying key influencers and establishing relationships that are a win-win for both parties.

Outreach specialists mainly communicate through email, but they can also get in touch with website owners over the phone or with text communication.

The person may work for an agency assuming one or more search engine optimization duties on a client project. Alternatively, they may work as a freelancer on many projects.

The outreach team may have several team members in its ranks, and its composition varies depending on the scale of the project and the number of deliverables.

Primarily, it will be made up of one or two link prospectors tasked with finding link opportunities. Link prospectors work hand-in-hand with the outreach manager who produces outreach templates used to establish first contact. If there is a need for negotiations, the outreach manager may step in and will also coordinate with other team members such as content creators.

An SEO specialist performs technical duties such as website analysis, setting up analytics, and keyword tracking. The outreach team may work with the campaign manager who oversees other SEO optimization tasks for the clients.

Outreach campaigns provide an additional way to earn valuable links as part of your link-building efforts. They supplement other strategies such as using social media, resharing content on forums, publishing link-magnet content, or doing newsworthy things.

The backlinks generated as a result of outreach campaigns are more measured and controlled. That’s because you can research and shortlist the websites that you want links from. You can then find the contacts of the website admin and write to them.

It can be particularly useful in augmenting a backlink profile consisting of links from low-quality websites.

There is no specific number that denotes how many outreach articles your website may need. Publishing many outreach articles is also not commensurate with having a high domain authority. For instance, receiving a do-follow backlink from one 90+ DA/DR website may go a longer way than earning links from two 20+ DA/DR websites.

It’s expedient to work with outreach professionals who can assess your website’s needs. They can set a target of where you should be and determine the appropriate number of links that will get you there. Performing competitor analysis can also help them determine how many outbound links you should receive on your content.

Outreach link building is advised in highly competitive niches where it’s necessary to stand out quickly or where it’s difficult to earn links naturally. Still, all niches can benefit from outreach link-building strategies.

At the end of the day, the goal is to generate backlinks from reputable and reliable websites, and these will be seen as votes of confidence for the website. Consequently, Google and other search engines will trust that the website is providing valuable and useful information as others are willing to link to it. Effectively, they are using it as a resource and referring their users to it, knowing full well that they will get value for their time.

Yes, it’s entirely possible to obtain outreach links for free if you’re performing the process on your own and reaching out to website admins who don’t charge any money for link placements. But please note that many people will think of what’s in it for them. They will want some value in return.

Links placed on sites with high DA/DR scores will cost more than low-DA/DR sites. In link-building packages, the prices will be fixed for each link depending on its quality, or you may pay a variable rate depending on how much work has to be done. It’s best to request your own custom quote as outreach is heavily process-driven and has many variants.

You’ll pay the link-building agency for the labor charges incurred in analyzing your niche, reaching out to prospective websites, negotiating, writing & editing content, and tracking results. This fee may be paid as a retainer. Note that some publishers may charge a fee before publishing content with a third-party link.

At Backlinkers, we leverage our own custom software developed to suit our quality link-building process. We will also incorporate other third-party software for facilitating communications with partners, performing website audits, and other tasks.

Yes, you will get your own custom outreach strategy when you sign up with Backlinkers.net. The strategy will comprise an analysis of your niche to define your audience and identify suitable websites to partner with. It will also feature recommended content types, topics, and approaches that will be used in the outreach program. The strategy will also detail how the results will be tracked.

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