We are Backlinkers

Backlinkers has been a reliable backlink supplier since 2015. We have experience in almost every niche – from SaaS to cannabis. You can’t also scare us with an exotic target country or language!

Our specialists always do their best to provide sustainable results using a data-driven approach and the most efficient link building methods like guest posting and link insertions.

Meet Our Expert Team

Serhii Volokonskyi
Head of Link Building
Dmytro Gorbenko
SEO Team Lead
Yuliia Polyviana
Yuliia Polyviana
Outreach Team Lead
Iryna Zinkevych - Authour
Iryna Zinkevych
Senior SEO Specialist

Backlinkers' Top Results

Client's Project
Links Built
Traffic Increase
Types of links
Time Span
240Links Built
10k 212k
20 months + counting
220Links Built
344k 803k
21 months + counting
140Links Built
80k 250k
Outreach Link Insertions
14 months + counting
70Links Built
4,8m 12m
HARO Editorial Outreach
10 months
400Links Built
200 users 35k
Editorial Outreach Linkable Assets
59 months + counting
420Links Built
153k 361k
39 months

Backlinkers in Numbers:

Founded in 2015
  • 32 link building professionals
  • 20K+ connections
  • 3 internal tools
We've Built Over 75,000 Backlinks
  • Guest posts
  • Link Insertions
  • HARO links
  • Press releases
  • Directory backlinks
We've Assisted Over 350 Businesses
  • Financial services 19
  • Healthcare and medical services 14
  • Real estate and construction 27
  • Casinos and betting 35
  • Cryptocurrency businesses 18
  • Cannabis industry 15
  • Legal services and law firms 17
  • Saas websites 25
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