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Linkable assets are an effective way for businesses to attract backlinks and improve search engine rankings.

By creating high-quality, informative content, businesses can generate interest from other websites and earn high-authority links.

What Is Linkable Asset

It’s a page designed to earn links from other relevant referring domains. Linkable assets can be blog posts, infographics, studies, videos, guides, or other popular linkable content types. There are different types of linkable assets:

Content Assets

They are content-based assets meant to provide value to an audience and build links to other relevant websites. Some of the best-performing linkable content assets are studies, research, statistics, guides, tutorials, and resource pages. These types of content assets can help establish you as an expert in your field.


Tool Assets

Tool linkable assets provide useful functionality to the visitors, such as calculators, analyzers, estimators, converters, etc. They are quite good at attracting links from a diverse range of websites that want to share the value of the tool with their audience.


Design Assets

Design linkable assets are any visual representations that can attract links from other websites because they are easy to understand, share, and embed. They can enhance the quality and authority of a website’s content. Some examples of design assets that can attract links include maps, comics, infographics, and GIFs.


Why Are Linkable Assets Important?

Attract Natural Backlinks

Get more natural links by creating useful content that your users will share. The content should provide value, solve problems, or entertain, so it can attract more attention and engagement.


Grow and monetize your traffic

Linkable content can bring additional traffic through referrals. Assets that are useful and practical, such as calculators, can result in repeat visitors, and your only struggle will be converting them into leads.


How To Create Linkable Assets



To create linkable assets, we start by researching your niche and identifying the gaps and opportunities in the existing information. Then, we evaluate the potential of each topic to generate traffic and high-quality backlinks for your website. We also analyze competitors with similar pages, so we can understand what should be included in the linkable asset and what should be discarded.


Asset page creation

The next step is to create an asset page. We’ll first review its structure and content to make sure it meets the user’s needs. Then, we craft engaging and informative content that showcases the value of the linkable asset. If the page requires any special features, we work with developers to implement them. Finally, we optimize the page for SEO so that it can rank well on search engines.


Linkable asset promotion

The effectiveness of linkable assets in receiving so many links and traffic depends on how easy it is for your intended audience to discover the resource. Sites with low traffic and ranking positions may require additional promotion to increase their awareness and discoverability. We market assets effectively, using PR articles to build initial traction. Additionally, we make the linkable asset pages easy to find in your site’s navigation.


Monitoring and getting results

We don’t just create a linkable asset for you; we also track its performance and fine-tune it as needed. Plus, our experts share additional tips that can help you keep track of the quality of the links you receive. You can similarly get our help weeding out and disavowing spammy links.

Looking to improve your backlink profile? Let our team create niche-specific linkable assets that attract natural backlinks. Contact us today to get started!

Frequently Asked Question

Understanding if you have successful linkable assets is quite straightforward. If a good linkable asset is really useful for your users, you will notice an increase in organic traffic, along with an increase in the number of referring domains to this blog post or resource page. This means that more people are finding your content through search engines, and other pages are linking to it as a valuable resource.

Creating linkable assets is not without risks. There is the risk to create content that is not relevant, accurate, and useful for your niche. If you fall for this, you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money on something that no one cares about. Another risk is not adequately promoting the linkable assets, meaning that they will fail to reach the right people and generate the desired results.

Of course, linkable assets can be at the heart of your link building strategy even as you implement different link building strategies like guest posting. Linkable assets are quite special as they generate natural links without requiring extensive outreach. Plus, you have the benefit of even controlling who links to you, and who you link out to. How so? Well, you just have to determine the central focus of your linkable asset. For example, if you need links from medical conference websites, you can also create a digital calendar of medical conferences.

Link-worthy linkable assets have the potential to augment your link building campaigns. You only need to think about what information or tools you could provide the user to solve their problems. Pay attention to keywords that users use to find information in an attempt to find solutions to their immediate problems. Knowing what the user needs, such as a mortgage calculator or a table of formulas, means that you can easily provide a solution.

Certainly. It’s perilous to provide outdated information and tools to your users, as they can be misleading and inaccurate. Keep track of the relevance of the data in your linkable assets, the freshness of the news, and the quality of the tools provided. By doing so, your linkable asset will always be relevant and in demand.

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