Dmytro Gorbenko

SEO Team Lead

Dmytro is a SEO Team Lead at Backlinkers. For more than 5 years, he has been engaged in SEO promotion of websites and knows firsthand that backlinks work! Dmytro has experience with many websites that have benefited from this type of promotion, including Cryptocurrency websites, E-commerce, Casino sites, Medical and Lawyers niches.

In our blog, Dmytro will try to convey his thoughts to you, share practical advice, and help you navigate this seemingly incomprehensible world of link-building. And if you need anything more, be sure to contact us for a consultation using the form below!

Articles Written by Dmytro Gorbenko:

Mastering Backlink Indexing: How to Effectively Index Your Backlinks

Google takes anywhere from one hour to several weeks to index newly published web pages. This can be an issue if you’ve received a backlink from another domain and want Google to distribute page authority to your site as quickly as possible.  Google...

Referring Domains vs Backlinks: Comprehensive SEO Guide

The ultimate goal of every link builder is to build a strong backlink profile. This is where high-quality backlinks and referring domains come in. For example, a website that has 1000 links from 10 sources is not as strong as a website that has 1000 links...

Editorial Links: How to Optimize Your Site with This Link Building Strategy

Editorial links are a form of endorsement from other websites that vouch for the quality and relevance of your content. Search engines value editorial links highly because they indicate that reputable sources find your website trustworthy, authoritative,...

What Is White-Hat Link Building? Ethical Link Building Techniques Exploration

White-hat link building. Black-hat link building. Gray-hat link building. What’s with all the hats? If you want to develop an SEO strategy, trying to navigate your way through all the info out there can be intimidating. You know links are important...

The Crucial Role of rel=”noopener noreferrer” in SEO Practices

Picture this scenario: You’ve linked to another page from your site with HTML attributes like the target=”_blank” link. Essentially, this allows the page to open in a new browser tab (or window). The issue is that this can pose a security risk if...

Link Building Techniques for Lawyers: Analysis of the Link Profile of a Niche Leader

Are you providing legal services or running a legal site and wondering how to increase your website’s domain authority? Apart from creating quality content for your law firm’s website, link building is another vital component of search engine optimization...

Link Building for SaaS: What You Need to Know to Build a Great Strategy

Are you trying to build backlinks to enhance the performance of your SaaS website? In this article, we’re discussing some effective link building strategies for SaaS companies as well as the steps of setting up a link building campaign, starting with...

Effective Link Building Tactics for CBD Websites: Cannabis Backlinks That Work

Introduction Link building is a vital component of SEO for CBD and cannabis businesses. The more high-quality links you have, the higher your site will rank on search engine results pages for your target keywords. This will help you attract more organic...

The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Link Building: Strategies, Tips, and Best Practices

Introduction Are you offering crypto services, running a crypto exchange, selling cryptocurrencies and tokens, or building an affiliate website in the crypto niche? If you hope to rank on the first page for your target queries, you need to show Google...

Casino Link Building in 2024: Building Links for Gambling Websites

Link building is essential to online gambling digital marketing. It’s important to keep up with effective link building strategies as search engine algorithms change. We’ll discuss 2024’s finest casino link building strategies to boost gambling...

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