HARO Link Building Service

Earn premium links from top-tier domains without the extra effort of finding HARO (help-a-reporter-out) requests and scripting responses.

We know what journalists pick on, and that’s timely, detailed & expert written quotes. You can receive up to five natural backlinks monthly — depending on the responses sent out.

Backlinkers deploys a full team of experts monitoring HARO requests for appropriate opportunities and pitching responses on your behalf. The natural links you earn from this technique come with numerous benefits, including the following:

Gain recognition as an expert

Journalists cite you as an expert in publications read by industry players and potential clients, boosting your prominence and lending you more credibility.

Build high-quality backlinks

There are more opportunities for building high-quality links as many journalists writing for top news publications and independent blogs source quotes from experts.

Improve your SEO rankings

The backlinks are an endorsement of your website as a quality information source. It makes Google rank your pages higher for relevant queries.

Drive more organic traffic

With improved rankings from a more robust backlink profile, you have a better chance of earning more traffic from the search results page.

Get more leads

An increase in organic and referral traffic translates to more opportunities to generate leads through CTAs, lead capture forms, and landing pages.

Save your time and resources

You don’t have to lift a finger with our HARO link building service. Simply delegate the entire process to us and focus on your business.


Contact us

Get started by telling us about your website, your niche, and your expectations. We will advise you on whether it’s a good idea to invest in HARO link building as it can be less efficient for some industries. We don’t provide and don’t recommend the technique for pharma, gambling, betting, dating, adult content, or credit repair industries.


Fill in a brief

The brief will require you to choose an expert from your company who will serve as the spokesperson. This can be the founder, CEO, CMO, CTO, etc. We will need a little more background information about the services you provide or your areas of expertise. The more we know the better we can personalize and improve the responses.


Create a business email

We will require a business email on your domain for the spokesperson on whose behalf we will be writing. The business email will be used to register a HARO account, and it will serve as a means for correspondence with journalists. It’s the best setup for the account to look more credible.


Get backlinks

We establish you as an expert in your niche and contribute insights to help journalists enrich their articles. Subsequently, they credit you for contributions by featuring your author’s bio or linking to your site contextually. In our HARO link building service, everything is done-for-you, and you can expect up to five links per month, starting from the second month.

You pay for backlinks, not for pitches

We know that you are looking for results, not for reports. We do our best to deliver the links you dream about.

Frequently Asked Question

HARO is a natural link-building method, where rather than reaching out to journalists looking for links, it’s the publications that reach out to you looking for quality information to make their articles more credible, authoritative, and accurate.

Another distinctive aspect is that the links generated through HARO mainly point to your homepage and not to a piece of content that you may have published on your website.

There is also less control over how the third-party sites may link back to you, and most of the time you can’t really negotiate link placement or the link attributes.

In the actual emails sent out by HARO, there will be a mix of requests, some coming from well-known publications and others from lesser-known or emerging websites that will have less domain authority. Other requests tend to be anonymous, and you can’t tell the requesting website.

We sort out high authority domains by performing additional research into the metrics of the website, checking for their domain rating score. It ensures that you get high-authority backlinks that will pass the most link juice to you.

Our service provides end-to-end support for the entire link-building process. The particulars include:

  • Creating a HARO account and spokesperson profile;
  • Evaluating requests based on their relevance to your niche;
  • Performing additional research to determine the authority of the requesting domain and shortlisting the best opportunities for high-authority backlinks;
  • Preparing quotes and responses and sending them to the journalists;
  • Following up on any additional requests or clarifications;
  • Providing reports showcasing how many requests were sent, how many links were generated, the scores of websites, and confirmed links;
  • Continuous monitoring of links.

You can get anywhere from three to five links every month with HARO link building. The results trickle in from the second month as it usually takes time for the journalists to include quotes in their articles and to undertake other editorial processes before the article is finally posted and indexed by Google.

There are no restrictions on the time duration or the number of links you can generate with this method as it’s natural and doesn’t produce any spam signals. You can use it in perpetuity to build your link profile over many years if you see fit.

We can consult with you to set the minimal domain metrics to target. For instance, you can decide that you only want us to pitch to websites with a domain rating of 50+. As we evaluate requests from journalists, we will first determine the score of their websites before sending responses.

Setting a high minimum benchmark is not necessarily advised as everyone will be looking for the chance to get featured in high DR websites, making the requests quite competitive. On the lower end, you can consider websites with a DR of at least 30+.

The link quality can be further enhanced by pitching to sites with similar audiences and in the same target regions.

HARO helps to build links naturally making it a white-hat link-building method. It is not a manipulative practice of generating links as it entails providing helpful information.

The links are natural as you don’t pay for them, and the third-party website has a say in how to choose to credit you. Some may not provide a clickable link, but they may offer a brand mention which is also valuable.

The only details that we need from you in order to set up the profile and start replying to requests are the following:

  • Spokesperson name, bio, and job title;
  • Company email address matching the spokesperson, for instance, [email protected];
  • A few details about your niche and what you do.

Our HARO SEO specialist is responsible for creating appropriate pitches that provide expert advice to the journalists. The reason we don’t ask you to contribute to every pitch is that pitching is time-sensitive. Pitches also have a success rate of less than 10%, so it is necessary to focus on volume. It may end up taking a lot of your precious time if you’re the one responding to each request.

That said, we don’t exempt you from participating, especially if you are quite passionate about a topic. You can help enhance our responses by providing helpful background information.

Unfortunately, no. Pitching is time-sensitive. The sooner we respond, the better the chance for our response to be seen by the journalist. Writers may be working on time-sensitive projects and may be overwhelmed by too many responses. Most of the pitches that journalists ignore may not have met their requirements for brevity or quality.

With thousands of pitches sent, rest assured we know how to craft the perfect pitch that is error-free, detailed, and at the same time, as short as possible.

It’s recommended that you undertake HARO with an SEO strategy in place. For instance, while most links will be pointing to your homepage, you need a way to distribute the ‘link juice’ to other pages through proper internal link building. The page must also be properly optimized with the right keywords, and it has to have healthy core essentials like loading speed and the largest contentful paint.

In our experience, most links will typically take 30 to 90 days to get posted. That’s because journalists will be sourcing information during the earlier stages of the article writing process.

But there are exceptions, too. Articles may be published sooner, even in one or two weeks. On the other hand, in rare cases, several months may pass before the article is finally published.

We use a link monitoring system to determine if you received a link from the domain. The system also provides us with the link parameters, for instance, the link attributes that were used (do-follow links, no-follow, UGC, etc.). It also provides continuous link monitoring, helping us detect if the link was removed at any point.

It’s a very subjective question that depends on how your site is currently performing and where you need it to be. You can determine the benchmarks to aim for by performing competitor analysis. Focus on the backlink profiles and average DR scores of your top competitors.

When preparing your strategy, you will need to determine the portion of links you want to generate through HARO linking along with other strategies. We can post as many relevant links as you require and supplement HARO link building with other strategies like outreach blogging.

In regard to HARO link building, we do not work with pharma, gambling, betting, adult content, dating, or credit repair industries. That’s because of the unwillingness of other websites to provide links to these niches that may appear as an endorsement for the services. Still, we have other link-building strategies that we provide for these exempt industries. Contact our team for more.

Yes, you can reserve our link-building services. We will ensure that the experience is completely white-label by also providing white-label reports showing the progress that we have managed for your clients. This service is suitable for SEO agencies looking to augment their offerings to their clients.

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